Posted by: zulmach | 15 September 2015

PB Framework for FREE!

Atas permintaan (lebih tepatnya : desakan) dari teman-teman di berbagai belahan dunia yang menagih janji saya untuk share framework ini, maka dalam post ini saya persilahkan teman-teman untuk download, dengan catatan bahwa framework ini tidak memiliki dokumentasi, artinya silahkan di bedah sendiri teknik yang saya gunakan. mungkin ada yang berguna yang bisa teman-teman manfaatkan, saya persilahkan untuk digunakan dalam kebaikan (hehe…).

windowsearch inquiry Print Preview whdrdtl

Semoga ada manfaatnya dan jangan ragu-ragu jika ada pertanyaan tentang framework ini.

Note :
– Framework dikembangkan menggunakan Powerbuilder Versi 11.5 dan Database SQLAnywhere 11
– Rename Extension nya menjadi .rar sebab wordpress tidak membolehkan file dg extension tersebut

Click to Download



  1. Thanks…bagus banget. 2 jempol buat karya nya

  2. keren..asikk :)

  3. Wah bermanfaat sekali

  4. […] bagi rekan yang berminat menggunakan Framework ini, silahkan download disini. Saya bersedia memberikan workshop untuk membantu anda dalam penggunaan Framework ini, silahkan […]

  5. thanks again- I try to use this frame – i have a question -for example if i have employee window that contain data of employee ( code – name -birth date -hiring date – dept code ………. i want to query for employee with name like abc and birth-date is between 1/1/1990 and 1/1/1995 – does the query window in your frame can query this (between date or between number)??

    • For the sample application of the framework it cannot do “between” for the inquiry window. It was created for the general purpose of inquiry functionallity.
      You need to modify it for your own needs.

  6. How can i change the color background of datawindow ,the gradient of datawindow and the color font of feilds ,, i Tried to change it in datatwindow
    but these values is taken from tables sysuserdefault and sysdefault but i coululd not know what the excat value i may change?
    also when i press ESC key , it force to close the program how to disable it?
    thank you again

    • Hi Aly.
      Thats the idea. To change color theme you can just change the value of data on table sysdefaukt and sysuserdefault. All the columns keywords that contain “dwtheme” you may change it on the “values” column and see your application color changes.
      And maybe you would create an interface (windows) to let user change the value.

      To disable the ESC key find the cb_close command button on the w_sheet ancestor class object and just comment the clicked script.

      Have fun with the framework!

      • Hi zulmach
        exactly at which location the color is begin to changed to table values?
        also “All the columns keywords that contain “dwtheme” you may change” there are 16 rows that contain dwtheme (in field keyname of table sysuserdefault ) i try to change some of them but there are no change??

      • Hi zulmach
        I found it – it is at constructor event of dw of_setdwscheme (this)

        I am now trying to read of_setdwscheme to find out how it works

        thank you agin

  7. Hi zulmach

    1-in insert row you use idw_detail.insertRow(1)
    why you did not use dw_list,insertrow(1)
    or dw_detail.insertrow(1)

    2-how can i put modules window (menu window) in right corner ( for Arabic language) instead of left corner
    Regards Aly

    • just revised the of_setPos() function of w_main which is contain positioning of module/menu

  8. keren.. mas punya framework model ribbon ga ?

  9. bagus pak zul, (hehe mudah2n masih inget sy Andi dulu di UT)

    • makasih pak, inget pak Andi. masih di ICT kah pak?

      • Saya ga di UT skrg pak Zul, pak Zul kalo mo contact personal kemana yah? (

  10. boleh nanti saya japri pak

  11. Very Good, thanks alot

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